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GTS Theatre is an intimate cabaret-style theatre. Every show has audience interaction. Once you EXPERIENCE a show at GTS Theatre, you will know you were part of something special that you won’t soon forget!

A cabaret is a form of entertainment consisting of dance, music, songs, drama and recitation. The show is played on stage for theatrical shows. The performance venue is usually on theatre but with a cabaret inspired environment.

A cabaret style theatre is a form of entertainment consisting of floor shows and live performance. A cabaret is described to be between a musical and a concert show. There are performing artists who will be singing, dancing and acting on stage.

When you watch a cabaret style theatre show you can expect a more casual atmosphere where you will be free to chat with friends and enjoy some drinks throughout the show.

In some cabaret style theatre shows the actors and actresses will not wear costumes and will be performing without a plot or sets. They will spend hours of entertainment with music by singing and dancing and of course charming the audiences.


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Myrtle Beach Performing Arts

Great theatre is soup for the soul.

Theatre shows are a very good form of entertainment. While not everyone really watched cabaret style theatre shows there are many good reasons why you should at least try to visit sometime.

For people who have an inclination to watch cultural shows with a twist watching a theatre play is a good option to consider. In most cases watching theatre performances will help you connect with greater understanding about culture and humanity.

Theatres are good place to find cultural activities and shows and most of the performances are highly creative and imaginative. You will have good learning by watching theatre shows because the plots of the plays convey meaningful messages that help you understand conflicting relationships. That is why a good theatre show can be a soup for the soul.

Cabaret style theatre plays have the ability to draw out emotions from the audience which they usually do not realize they are capable of feeling. The plays may be themed as musical or tragedy and the elements of the story may expand to include storylines connected to personal feelings.

Studies support that live entertainment such as theatre plays can benefit people emotionally.

The plot can help emotions to surface and to make the person more empathic on other people’s feelings, and reactions. It can be a good soup for the soul as it transcends beyond the visual pleasure of theatre entertainment to comprise of emotions. Moreover, the show has the human element where the audiences are provided with liveliness which are not present in books and movies.

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